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Matching toys to a child’s
therapy goals is now easier than ever

HP Do Theraphy

Do therapy the right way
Maximise outcomes Maximise outcomes

Match individual goals to a range of fun and motivating toys to maximise engagement, practice and neuroplasticity.

Easy to use Easy to use

Set-up individualised therapy programs. Find toys from our curated range of over 330 toys. One-click to purchase or find them on CPToySwap.

Experience & expertise Experience & expertise

Developed by internationally recognised Occupational Therapist, A/Prof Brian Hoare who has over 20 years clinical and research experience.

HP Support

Supporting therapists
To drive neuroplasticity therapy toys need to be carefully matched to a child’s goals, ability level, and age, as well as being fun to provide the opportunity for repetitive practice. CPToys helps you find the right toy for the right goal to optimise therapy outcomes in your practice
Supporting parents
We understand how difficult and time-consuming it is to find the right toys for your child’s home therapy program. We’ve done all the work for you and carefully selected over 330 of the best therapy toys that will help your child achieve their goals while having fun

HP Do Theraphy

Saving parents time and individualising home therapy programs
Do therapy Saves you time

Set up a program, view toys, click to purchase – it’s that easy.

Do therapy Goal focused

Set goals, achieve them, have fun!

Do therapy Unique

Designed specifically for young children with cerebral palsy.

HP Testimonials


CPToys has become an integral and necessary part of our service delivery when working on upper limb interventions with children with CP.

Jane Berry Consultant for Occupational Therapy, Cerebral Palsy Alliance

HP Plan

Monthly Price excludes GST
$19 Per month

This plan includes:

  • 14-day free trial no commitments
  • Unlimited home program set up.
  • Access to our education forums.
  • Access to view over 330 curated toys
  • Free access to CPToySwap
Annual Price excludes GST
$205 Per year

This plan includes:

  • 14-day free trial no commitments
  • Everything from the monthly plan
  • Discounted Price
  • Single Invoice
Organisations Substantial discount
Let's talk When you require access for 5+ clinicians

This plan includes:

  • Substantial discount
  • Full access and individual login

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